Why Just One Job ?

23 Nov , 2015 Life @ Startups

Why Just One Job ?

working at a startup

Your life is just one white canvas… “JUST ONE”. Please do not even try to fill it by a single colour. Life requires variety, options &  varied experiences and hence you need to be part of something more exciting, interesting, varied, ever changing, chaotic,  multi tasking, challenging & fun 🙂

You need to be part of a “STARTUP”.

I have been part of one called “Langoor”, i am still part of it  but it’s no more a startup :). Today it’s one of the ten most upcoming Digital Agencies in India.

Should you join a startup ?

My journey is still going on and it will for a while, but you should not wait or aspire for so called MNC’s. Join a startup which you believe in and before you know there will be a feeling in you, a feeling of finally i am doing something worthwhile, finally i know what i am doing and i know what i can do, what i can’t do and what all i should do. Knowing all this at 23 or 24 will make you one amongst the 0.001% of those who are climbing the right stairs of career growth.

How to get a job in Startups ?

I got in as an intern(every F***ing startup needs smart interns) and you can too join as an intern or you can get into a permanent job.

So isn’t it easy pesy… not when you have multiple options in front of you.

How to select that one Startup from many ?

Now selecting one startup is quite similar to choosing that right girl. Keep these principles in mind.

Don’t completely decide based on what you see. Some startup’s might come across to you as super cool, due to the people working there or the office setup or the way the founder is talking & promoting it.

Try to put yourself in the shoes of the potential customer of that startup. Ex if you want to join a startup which is into web designing than try to look it from a customer point of view and find what’s so unique or impressive in its offering to me.  If you get amazed and wants to get your site build from langoor than it means that yup that’s the right place.

I will tell you about how to grow in a startup and what are the important things while working an a startup in my next post…till then bye bye.


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