Need is for Marketers in the Digital World

19 Sep , 2014 Digital Marketing

Need is for Marketers in the Digital World

The changing landscape of DM where its becoming the core marketing approach for any service/product.There is a sudden requirement for DM professionals.

The important thing here is that when a marketer equips himself with the digital knowledge he is able to bring a 360 degree solution on the table and is recognized as an able DM Professional.On the other hand his colleague who is not a marketer but has been graduated from being a seo, sem,smm expert to a DM expert is still missing on the art of marketing.

Marketing skills form a core in a good DM expert and this is quite evident these days.The concern is for the facilities within the eco-system for nourishing marketers to become a DM expert.

Digital is just another channel like print, radio and tv and we never come across titles which say radio marketing expert or tv marketing expert, we do use online/offline marketing, which do makes sense.

I strongly believe that to prepare the marketers for the digital world the business schools should start concentrating on the channel expertise which comes on top of marketing fundamentals.

Level 1 –> Marketing Fundamental

Level 2 –> Online / Offline Fundamentals

Level 3 –> Channel Expertise


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