Is India Ready for Buying Cars Online?

22 Apr , 2014 E-Commerce

Is India Ready for Buying Cars Online?

When I started working for my client which was a auto portal targeting india as its core market for new and used cars, I came across so many players already operating in the same set of services but none of them was actually selling cars as a product.

I started thinking that what if flipkart has another category called “Automobiles”..or if someone just starts a e-commerce portal which sell cars from different dealers..and then came the thought that selling seems easy but “Is India Ready for Buying Cars Online?”.

Screen Shot 2014-04-22 at 11.12.58 AM


It seems so easy to have different dealers put there best deal and users select the dealers they really like just like we select the sellers for the different products present on flipkart.

What Indians do Before they Buy a Car?

  • Discuss with family and friends for a advice – 2 Weeks
  • Research online based on that advice – 1 Weekend
  • Take more advice from friends on social media – Same Weekend
  • Decide a car and take a test drive – 1 Week
  • Compare deals from different dealers and negotiate – 1 Week
  • Finally book the car – Total 4-6 Weeks



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