Google Analytics Benchmarking Report

3 Oct , 2014 Digital Marketing

Google Analytics Benchmarking Report

Google Analytics has recently started showing the benchmarking data in the Audience tab. It is according to me a very insightful information, which I have started putting in my reports for clients.

Q1 > How to access benchmarking data from google analytics ?

Step 1 – Log on to Google Analytics –
Step 2 – Select your web property.
Step 3 – Select Audience section from left side menu.
Step 4 – Click on Benchmarking under Audience Section and choose channels.

Q2 > Do you need any code setup to see benchmarking data ?

No you don’t need any code setup to see benchmarking data.

Screenshot of Benchmarking Report

Benchmarking Report in Google Analytics


Key Advice

Start showing this report to your clients they will love to see it and track the performance.. and also you can find out much more exact data about how the competitors are performing. This data is much more reliable than alexa or similar web.


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