Be a Marketer not a Digital Marketer…

11 Apr , 2014 Digital Marketing

Be a Marketer not a Digital Marketer…

Digital is just a medium like Print, TV and Radio…

Everyone seems to be running behind digital marketing. Worried about terms like SEO, SEM, Analytics and Data..

My friends from software or web background relax and don follow the world…don take digital marketing courses just because your cv needs it.

Instead learn the art of marketing…Before you follow Rand Fishkin you should follow Seth Godin..understand the essence of marketing.

Before you ask your client about online objectives and goals and budget..ask them these questions

  • What is your service/product?
  • What is usp of your service/product?
  • Justify the cost of your service/product?

If you excel in marketing which means that telling about your service/product in its market(target audience) in such a way that buyers of that market are attracted towards your usp then you can excel in digital marketing.

Its very easy to learn the way digital functions but very hard to connect your product/service marketing on digital medium.


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