5 Steps to Disconnect BSNL Connection

28 Dec , 2015 Uncategorized

5 Steps to Disconnect BSNL Connection

Hello Everyone,

I recently got my BSNL (landline + broadband) connection disconnected, because i had switched to Airtel. Below are 5 simple & exact steps to get this job done 🙂

STEP 1 – Pay your latest/pending BSNL bill by visiting BSNL Portal.

STEP 2 – Go to your nearest BSNL exchange with the following things. Locate by clicking here.

  1. 2 A4 size plain paper for writing  application.
  2. Landline device and modem (if you have one provided by BSNL).
  3. Cancelled cheque.
  4. Latest copy of paid bill.

STEP 3 – Write and application addressing BSNL officer with a simple request to disconnect your BSNL connection. Mention your landline number + name in which connection is + customer id in application. You will get a  form once you submit this application.

STEP 4 – Submit your devices to the BSNL officer and get an acknowledgement on your application (sign + seal).

STEP 5 – Provide your application along with a cancelled cheque to the BSNL officer. You will get an acknowledgement receipt for your application from BSNL officer.

Within 4 working days your BSNL connection will be disconnected. You can call me at – 9980671025 for any queries regarding this.

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